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“We could all use a few million extra dollars in this economy and I’d like to help.”

– Mike Mann, social activist and serial entrepreneur

We Help Your Online Businesses Succeed.


WebStreetJournal is the place where online entrepreneurs and business owners can learn how to make it big. And that’s not just small talk.

With three companies (, and included on’s top 500 list of fastest growing companies and many others doing quite well, we know what we’re talking about and we want to help you reach the same level of success, or higher.


How We’ll Help You Make It

Being an insider of successful companies has its perks. One of which is continually learning how to make the best even better.

  • Get exclusive coverage of online mergers, latest industry trends, and useful tips from Internet influencers,  bloggers, technology experts, marketers and SEO industry leaders.

  • Get access to helpful information gleaned right from the source – Mike Mann’s latest business models.

  • Stay up-to-date on online best practices to help your business remain relevant and competitive.

All these to help you build the life you want and the business you dream of.


Let’s Get Started

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