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Facebook Mentions and What We Can Learn From It

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Celebrities and Facebook have merged, and now there is Facebook Mentions: a collaborative interface that helps musicians, actors, athletes, and other public figures keep in touch with their followers. Here are some of the features that celebrities get to do: • View and interact with trending conversations about them. • Publish updates, photos, videos, or carry out a live Q&A. • Keep track on all the recent posts from the people they follow. • Receive notifications regarding their personal posts and when they are mentioned in the media. People with verified Pages can only have access to Facebook Mentions and for right now Mentions is only obtainable in the...

How to Start a Successful Business Online

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Starting a business online can be a daunting process but there is a process that is guaranteed to ensure the success of your online business. First, identify a market with a problem, and find the best solution to that problem than has previously been available. Have excellent copy to get the point across to potential customers that your product is what they are looking for. Create a simple and easy website to use, and advertise that website appropriately using SEO tactics. Establish an online presence and become a respected expert in your field. Drive traffic to your site and stay in touch with those that have purchased or agreed...

Need for Scalability and Mobility Drives VoIP Adoption in 2015

Posted by on Jun 17, 2015 in Blog |

If your business phone service is on a legacy PBX system, you might be up against some of these problems: – Trouble growing, downsizing or reconfiguring your network easily – Difficulty expanding your network to include mobile devices – A need for more flexible call routing, voicemail and mobile features Based on the Business VoIP Report for 2015 compiled by Software Advice, these are just some of the reasons over 50 percent of business owners with aging PBX-based systems are looking to VoIP for higher performance. Read the full article here:...

Don’t Wait to Snag that Domain!

Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Blog |

When is the right time to buy the domain for your new website? Is it when you’re ready to go public with your business or product launch? Is it when your team starts laying groundwork and begins to map out what your new website will look like? We’ve seen several high profile cases where people and companies failed to grasp this concept and the hurdles and hassles that befell them due to this misstep. explains why you should buy your domain the instant your idea is born, and what can happen when you don’t. Owning the perfect domain name is the first step to a successful and profitable...

Your Social Media Nonprofit Guide

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Like any other businesses, nonprofits should present themselves well in social media. A clean and simple profile is perfect. This will depict a clear message about your cause. If you think about it, this must be pretty easy, right? A good profile and avatar and that’s it! However, there is more to it than a simple avatar or cover photo. All details should be considered. At, they make sure their Facebook and T Twitter profiles are as neat as possible. Do you want your profiles to be well ordered? Read this list! Read the full article here: For more information on the free tools to nonprofits, click...

The Top 50 Most Socially Shared Twitter Marketing Articles for the Past 6 Months

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Uncategorized |

  Out of all the social media platforms out there, Twitter seems to have one of the quickest scrolling features with quick tidbits of information. Because of this characteristic, users can easily see trending articles, funny memes, buzzworthy tweets and popular Vines in rapid form. Various industries have jumped on this opportunity to share their wisdom, including numerous marketing firms of all shapes and sizes. Everyone at was curious to see which marketing articles were shared the most. Our experts compiled a list through our robust pro tool Social Footprint to gather this data over the past 6 months. In this list is the author, the article link...