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Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Blog |

Build Relationships, Not Just Links, says

Search engine optimization professionals always seem to break into a sweat whenever there are whispers of Google algorithm updates. And it’s not just them. Everyone in the online marketing community is affected one way or another whenever Google introduces such changes.


While the debate on whether these updates actually help users of the search engine giant or not rages on,’s Shilah Anderson urges web marketing professionals to face the truth, asking, “…why the qualms about the update when in reality, we brought this upon ourselves?”


Now is the time for a new system to take root, a better system; one that is more ethical, brings about better results and allows the limitless world of ”online” to be utilized as it was meant to be in providing valuable information.”


Though the blog post focuses on link earning, Shilah’s insights and sound advice should be taken to heart by all online marketing practitioners – that building relationships through honest engagement is more valuable in the long run than getting ranked high using questionable practices.


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