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Posted by on Sep 20, 2013 in Blog | Reveals What SEO Services Can Really Do for Your Business

“If your idea of SEO is paying $100 for 1,000 PR2 and higher backlinks or having an article written for $10 and blasting it out to 250 article directories then yes, SEO is dead.”

The big SEO debate is a popular staple in SEO-focused websites and related niches. The question whether SEO is dead has been asked over and over again. Those new to SEO, especially companies looking to start establishing their online presence, are likely to get confused by all the information and opinions by so-called SEO experts who promise results at low cost and in a very short period of time. sheds light on what genuine SEO services can really do to help your business. It’s no longer a matter of the “death” of SEO but how one properly carries out strategies that make it work. True SEO services go beyond getting high page ranks, although that is an important part of it.

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Going beyond SEO itself, it is important to remember the most important part of your business when planning strategies on and offline: your customers. Engage people, fulfill your commitments to your customers, and enhance their online experience.