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Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Blog |

Mike Mann Explains What Makes a Great Domain Name

Business owner Mike Mann explains what makes a domain name stand out from the rest. In his interview with Marc Prosser, Mann gives guidance on how to pick the right domain as well as what to avoid. The tips are carefully researched, as Prosser states. “When I asked if there was any academic research to support his claim, he pointed to a study from Microsoft’s research paper ‘Domain Bias in Web Search’”, the interviewer says. “The paper fairly strongly makes the case that web searchers pay attention to domain names and tend to click on search results from domain names which they are already familiar with.”
Mann is the founder and chairman of a 501(c)(3), a worldwide network that gives services at no charge to non-profits. Three of his corporations –, and – were listed in the 2012 Inc 500 fastest growing companies in America. In addition, he has written, a book that gives advice on how to make money in small businesses to aid society.
This interview is extremely informative and will help you on your way to finding the right domain for your business.

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